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Our administrative staff is dedicated to creating the best possible learning environment for our students.

Photo of Larry Sauer

Lawrence E. Sauer

Chief Executive Officer
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Photo of Cheryl White.

Cheryl A. White

Chief Operating Officer
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Ismael DaSilva, Chief Financial Officer.

Ismael DaSilva

Chief Financial Officer
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Photo of Patrick Fuller.

Patrick Fuller

Director of Education
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Photo of Jenna Federer.

Jenna Federer

Director of Human Resources
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Photo of Tim McCabe.

Tim McCabe

Director of Development
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Sabrina Manno

Director of Marketing
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Photo of Deb Pacheco.

Deborah Pacheco

Director of Residential Education
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Photo of Stephanie Steen.

Stephanie Steen

Director Clinical and Behavioral Services
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Photo of Lindsay Wagner.

Lindsay Wagner

Director of Neurodiversity and Community Inclusion
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Photo of Christina Bunnell.

Christina Bunnell

Assistant Director of Education - Transitions
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Photo of Tara Faiella.

Tara Faiella

Assistant Director of Education - Foundations
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Photo of Michaela Fanelli.

Michaela Fanelli

Assistant Director of Education - Pathfinders
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