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Our Programs for Autism

More than 100 students are enrolled in League School's day and residential programs. Students learn in a variety of settings, from classroom and one-on-one instruction to hands-on vocational training in both a school and real-world environment. We employ a team of more than 165 staff members, from classroom teachers to a variety of social and behavioral specialists.

Learn more about our Day Program.

We offer three day programs to meet the diverse needs of our students: Foundations (ages 3-13), Transitions (ages 14-21), and Pathfinders (ages 12-21).

Learn more about our Residential Program.

Our two on-campus residences offer a nurturing 24-hour learning environment, integrated with our day program, for up to 32 residential students.

Vocational training in food preparation.

Our comprehensive vocational program includes in-school training and community-based internship placements in over 30 sites to support students in gaining life-changing work experience and skills.

Specialized services to support each student.

Our holistic multidisciplinary approach offers specialized services to support each student based on their unique needs.