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League School CEO Larry Sauer offers an update of the strategic plan.

League School recently completed a comprehensive strategic plan designed for continued growth and a bright future.

The plan’s objective is to provide an honest and accurate assessment of the school’s position in the field of Autism education, and identify the school’s strengths and areas for growth.

A team representing a cross section of school stakeholders, including administration, staff, Board of Directors, and Friends of League (now our Board of Ambassadors), worked from January through December 2022, during the pandemic, to complete the plan. SOAR Management Consulting Group was an invaluable resource in facilitating the plan development. Additional staff, administrators, managers, and board members participated in subcommittees to develop goals, objectives, and action steps as part of the plan.

The collaborative effort resulted in a long-term vision for the organization with measurable goals, objectives, and action plans to achieve growth and continued excellence. The plan lays out a three-year roadmap to position the school as an “educational leader providing excellence in educating students with Autism.”

In January 2022, the school’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt the strategic plan to guide League School through 2025 and beyond. Here are highlights of the plan.

Long-Term Vision

The process began with the committee taking a deep look at League School’s mission, vision, and values. These central tenets make up the core of who League is, who we want to be, and what we value in our daily work with our Autistic students and their families. These tenets are what drove the strategic plan and resulted in a visionary plan to move League School into the future.

The plan is based on this vision: League School strives to be the premier organization serving the Autism community so as to prepare individuals to thrive in and contribute to a neurodiverse world.

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Enhanced Programs

The core mission of League School remains to provide the best possible programs and services for the students we serve – Excellence in Autism education. The strategic plan includes goals for expanding and enhancing each of our programs to provide students with a cohesive and comprehensive school experience. The vocational, academic, transition, and residential programs are each focused on ensuring students are receiving an individualized, customized curriculum to maximize their potential.

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A Commitment to Our Employees

Our teachers and staff have always been the lifeblood of our organization. This strategic goal focuses on continuing to work diligently to retain our dedicated employees and attract highly qualified and caring candidates to fill open positions. We show our commitment through increased compensation and benefits, and providing career guidance and development within a positive work culture. A successful and respected staff results in successful and respected students.

Planting Seeds.

Increased Awareness

An important catalyst for growth is raising awareness of League School in the community, throughout Massachusetts, and across the country. We are expanding our marketing department to increase outreach and awareness of League School as a strong alternative to the more traditional Autism education models. Our differentiation is our individualized, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach designed to prepare students to live productive and meaningful lives in their communities.

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Secured Future

League School is committed to maintaining solid financial stability while growing and shepherding our resources. We could not continue to do our work for our students and provide a high level of quality services without the financial support of the school districts, state agencies, foundations, and the many benefactors who make what we do possible. We will continue to build our development and fundraising efforts to cover enhancements to our students’ educational experience that go beyond tuition.

Career Learning Center at League School

What if parents of Autistic children could have greater confidence that their children would have quality lives post-22? What if they could envision them actively engaged in meaningful employment?

Today, only 14 percent of adults with Autism hold secure paid employment, according to the Center for Disease Control. This statistic is staggering for its impact on not only the Autism community but also the working world. Neurodivergent adults can offer perspectives, skills, and experiences that other workers cannot, and businesses need to consider this untapped group as valuable and viable contributors to a productive workforce.


To ready our students with Autism to be counted among American workers, we are adding an innovative career learning center to our campus. This center will educate and support our students in building the skills and experiences they need to succeed in the workplace. The program will also aim to educate and support employers in understanding the benefits of including neurodivergent employees as well as offer strategies to more successfully integrate them into their companies.

Coming Soon

The career learning center will be housed in a two-story, 20,000-square-foot building, sitting on four and a half acres. An extension of our existing campus on Moosehill Road, the center will provide League School students with the academic, vocational, and life skills experiences they need to become active members of their community. It will create space and opportunity to grow – to enhance our program offerings and reach more students.

Multitrack Program

The program will serve students ages 14-21 who are pursuing academic advancement as well as career development. Students can choose from two educational tracks. One track will concentrate on academic coursework for those who prioritize obtaining a diploma and may advance to post-secondary education, while the other will focus on exploring career opportunities and the skills necessary to enter the world of work. Whichever track students take, they will gain valuable life and work skills and experience practical progress, whether they join the workforce after graduation from League or from college.

Multipurpose Building

The building is designed to be multiuse and flexible to support our dynamic program. Our new spaces will accommodate employment experiences, job-specific skill development, and academic programs. Students will have the opportunity to explore and learn a variety of skills, including entry-level building trades, technology skills, and clerical office work. The center also will include a greenhouse, outdoor garden, and a retail training site featuring a community-facing café and garden store.

Unique League Approach

As with all League School programs, the career learning center’s teaching approach will be strengths-based and future-focused to prepare students for a high quality of life in their communities. Individualized, collaborative, and multidisciplinary, our approach is flexible and wide-ranging to meet the unique needs of each student. To create and maintain a cogent and effective personalized program, we rely on the teamwork of our staff as well as a unique educational framework, the SCERTS® Model. Learn more about League School’s approach.

Open Your Future

Trailblazing since the 1960s, the League School has been an educational center focused on new ideas and ways of doing things. The Career Learning Center at League School is addressing the critical need for high school students with Autism to gain autonomy for life in a neurodiverse world. By acquiring essential work skills and life experiences, League School students will be well on their way to building careers where they feel valued, empowered, and confident.