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Our Steps

Our admissions process, open year-round, is designed to help you and your child learn about League School and for us to learn how we can best support your child growing into adulthood. Our goal is to make sure that our approach, services, and resources are the right fit, so that you and your family feel excited about where your child will learn and feel confident in their future.

Here is an outline of the League School admissions steps:

Step 1: Referral Packet

To help League School understand the best way to support your child through their educational journey, the local school district, state agency, or parent sends a referral packet to the school that contains as much information about your child as possible to the attention of our admissions department. A referral packet typically contains the student’s Individual Education Programs (IEP), recent testing, psychological reports, behavioral data, and any other information that will help us get to know your child.

Step 2: Initial Intake Meeting

Once the admissions team has reviewed the referral information, League School will assess whether your child may benefit from our programs and services. If we believe League School is a good match, we will schedule an initial intake meeting with you. Parents/guardians and the potential student will visit League School for about an hour. While parents/guardians meet with members of the admissions team, your child will have an opportunity to meet team members who would likely be working with your child if they join the school.

Step 3: Paperwork Completion

Prior to admission, you will be required to fill out paperwork and various forms before a student enters the program. Once this paperwork is completed, the admissions coordinator will set a date for a full-day intake.

Step 4: Full-Day Intake

If, after the initial intake, League School appears to be a good fit, your child will spend a full day at League School participating in the classroom determined to be the best match for their level of needed supports. A student considering a residential placement will also spend an afternoon or evening at one of the homes on campus. On occasion, a child may be asked to return for a second full-day in the event that a different classroom or residence is thought to be a better match.

Step 5: Recommendation Review

Once the intakes have been completed, the admissions team meets and a recommendation to accept or decline a candidate is reviewed. When a decision is made, it is discussed with the funding school district, parents, or any other referral source.

Step 6: Program Admission

If you and the admissions team agree that League School is a good match to meet your child’s individual needs, an admission date will be scheduled for your child. Final paperwork will be completed and the team will work with you to prepare your child for their first day at League.