Open Your Arms

League School Admissions

League School opens its arms to students throughout the school year. We have a 12-month rolling admissions policy that allows students to apply and enroll all year long, including the summer.

League School accepts students between the ages of 3 and 21 who have a diagnosis of Autism or a similar condition that may benefit from our educational approach (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, intellectual disability, etc.). Our student population includes a wide array of Autistic students, from those who are high achieving academically but need support with communication or emotional regulation to those who require intensive supports to navigate the school environment and care for themselves interdependently. Read our student profiles.

We recognize that choosing the right placement for your child can be an overwhelming and stressful process for a family. We are here to help you and hope that the steps we have outlined will answer your questions and make the process easier for you and your child.

Please feel free to reach out to League Admissions Coordinator at

or 508-850-3900 ext. 171 at any time during the process.

Download our fact sheet, Admissions at a Glance.