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Integrated, Consistent Instruction

At League School, we see every moment as a teachable one, and our residential program allows for even more opportunities to learn and grow. Our 24-hour program offers a nurturing and structured environment, where students can extend their learning from the day program and acquire new life skills toward independence. We take a caring and comprehensive approach so that students can build the confidence, independence, and relevant skills they need to lead happy and fulfilling lives.


The day and residential programs are well-integrated so that student learning and achievements can be reinforced. Staff, including specialists (speech, OT, clinician, BCBA), collaborate on a regular basis to coordinate teaching and ensure cohesive programming. Like the school, the residential program also uses the SCERTS® Model to provide consistency for the students as well as a common educational and assessment framework to prepare them for adult life. They continue to work on their Individual Education Programs (IEP) goals, including communication and social skills, emotional and behavioral regulation, as well as daily living skills, leisure skills, and community skills.

Teacher helping student use a brush on a painting.
Girl doing homework in the League School residence.


Students live on-campus in either of our two-story residences. Both recently built and well maintained homes are co-educational and offer furnished individual bedrooms for up to 16 students, with no more than 8 students living on each floor.

Life skills

The residential curriculum emphasizes life skills students will need to live as independently as possible. Our staff supports and guides students to develop independent living skills such as personal care, laundry skills, meal preparation, community safety, and self-advocacy.

Students learn kitchen life skills at League School.
Residential family visits and involvement.

Family engagement

Our founders were strong proponents of family involvement, and we especially encourage participation among families of students living on campus. Students are encouraged to make phone or video calls, and/or email family members on a regular basis. Many students also visit home on weekends, holidays, and during vacation periods. Parents are welcome to visit their child on campus or enjoy time with their child in the local community.


For more information about our residential program, please reach out to League Admissions Coordinator, Lynne Goyuk at or 508-850-3900 ext. 171.