Executive Director Dr. Frank Gagliardi Announces Retirement

League School Executive Director, Frank Gagliardi, EdD, notified the Board of Directors of his plans to retire at the end of the school year. During his almost 11-year tenure, Frank’s vision and expertise has led to numerous building and program improvements. He has overseen rapid expansion of the school’s facilities including new classroom space, an exercise room, and residential bedrooms.

Under his guidance, the school adopted the renowned Social Communication and Emotional Regulation through Transactional Supports (SCERTS®) program. Unlike most Applied Behavioral Analysis-based methods, this program incorporates social and emotional regulation needs, thereby offering a more holistic educational approach to learning. He has also spearheaded the Train the Trainer model and a preventative and positive Safety Care program.

Frank Gagliardi with Nancy Hershfield, League School founder Dr. Arnold Vetstein, and Chairman of League School’s Board of Director, Roger Lockwood

“Since he started at League School in 2009, Frank has had a positive impact on everything that makes the school one of the premier institutions of its type in the United States,” said Roger Lockwood, Board Chair. “The list of accomplishments is endless: an imaginative curriculum, growing enrollment, doubling the physical footprint, improving the facilities, starting and growing a development program, strengthening the faculty and the administration, and more. I doubt there is any person in the field of special education who has had the incredible influence and phenomenal results that Frank has achieved.”

“The League School has benefited from Frank’s vision, attention-to-detail, and endless energy,” said David Foster, Board President. “Under his direction, the school has evolved into one of the top special educational institutions. His understanding and knowledge of the field has allowed the League School to offer relevant curriculum to students at a state-of-the-art campus. His leadership skills are evident as the school has been able to attract and retain top-notch faculty and administration.”

(Left to Right) CFO, Ismael DaSilva, COO Larry Sauer, and Executive Director Frank Gagliardi

We recently sat down with Frank to talk with him about his tenure at the League School and his priorities for the next year. “It’s been a rewarding place to be,” said Frank. “The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff has translated into very positive changes for the students. I’m particularly proud that 14 staff members have chosen to stay and work for the school for almost 11 years.”

Frank is looking forward to continuing the school’s growth that is well underway. “We’re looking to expand our programs and increase the number of enrolled students,” he said. “We’ve also purchased 4.7 acres next to us and are planning on further expanding our footprint.”

Gagliardi with League School’s Admissions Coordinator, Gayle Ferland

Prior to joining the League School, Frank worked for seven years as the Special Education Out-of-District Coordinator for the Westwood Public School system. He was the Special Education Director for 22 years in Stoneham and worked in a similar capacity for Norwood. In Duxbury, he served for seven years as a School Adjustment Counselor. He began his working career in the Boston Public School system as a Business Education teacher. Frank received his bachelor’s degree from Suffolk University and Doctorate in Educational Administration from Northeastern University. He has been an adjunct faculty member at Wheelock College and Massasoit Community College.

Frank is committed to helping the Board with its search process and smooth transition to a new Executive Director (see related article). Upon retirement, Frank is planning to stay active doing some consulting work while also spending more time with family and his granddaughter. He’s also looking forward to improving his golf game.

Dr. Frank Gagliardi with wife, Jackie Gagliardi.

“Serving as Executive Director for the League School has been a gratifying experience and the culmination of many years of work in the special education field,” said Frank. “Watching the students advance in their interactions with the staff and their peers is very rewarding. It doesn’t get any better than knowing that we’ve made a difference in the students’ lives.”

Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.