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NEWS: Beyond Autism Awareness and Acceptance, League School Celebrates Autism Empowerment

Empowering individuals with Autism to reach their highest potential

The League School for Autism has moved beyond Autism Awareness and Acceptance to supporting Autism Empowerment during the month of April, a time traditionally dedicated to the “Light It Up Blue” campaign originated by national organization, Autism Speaks. “Celebrating Autism Empowerment exemplifies our school’s dedication to leading with choices, giving our neurodivergent students a sense of control over their situation, self-confidence, and a feeling of being empowered to engage positively. Our core curriculum (SCERTS Model) and staff embodies this culture of empowerment which supports each student in achieving their best quality of life,” remarks Larry Sauer, CEO of the Boston-area League School for Autism.

To kick-off Autism Empowerment Month, League School is scheduled to display an Autism Empowerment message on a digital billboard located near the busy intersection of Boston-Providence Highway and Route 27 in Walpole. The billboard message will appear throughout the entire first half of April. In addition to this community message, Autism Empowerment shirts will be worn by students, families, staff, and distributed to local and national celebrities in the hopes that they will lend their support with an Autism Empowerment selfie or video posted to social media using #autismempowerment. League School also celebrates this special month with their Bike-A-Thon April 5th-7th and their Legislative Breakfast on April 12th.

For League School, Autism Empowerment isn’t just a catchy slogan, it’s a commitment to fostering dignity, enrichment and compassion for their neurodivergent students with Autism. After April World Autism Month has come and gone, Autism Empowerment will continue to be carried out within the students, hallways, and communications of League School for Autism as they aspire to change the way Autism is spoken about with neurodiversity-affirming language and opening the world of possibilities for individuals with Autism. Michael John Carley, Neurodiversity and Leadership Advisor for the League School for Autism, summarizes this culture by stating “What I love most about the phrase ‘Autism Empowerment’ is that it signifies the granting of autonomy. Historically, the right to refer to ourselves as autistic people however we saw fit…was inexplicably not granted. This is yet another sign from the League School for Autism signifying that they are in the forefront of humanistically forwarding progressive and kind ideals.”


Located in Walpole, Massachusetts, the League School for Autism is a leading private day and residential school for students ages 3 to 22 on the Autism Spectrum. Since 1966, we’ve been dedicated to excellence in autism education and individual development. We employ a unique, comprehensive approach emphasizing academic, social, emotional, communication, and behavior skills to maximize positive outcomes for the individuals we serve and their families.


Michael John Carley is the Facilitator for the Connections Program for Global Students with Autism at New York University and the Neurodiversity and Leadership Advisor for League School for Autism. He is the author of “Asperger’s From the Inside-Out” (2008, Penguin/ Perigee) and “Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum” (2016, JKP) and has published over 60 articles.

For more information about Autism Empowerment Month, contact Sabrina Manno, Director of Marketing, League School for Autism,

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