A Website to Connect Employers and Individuals with Autism

As the speech-language pathologist for the Transition team at League School, I have had opportunity to work with families and discuss options for post-graduation plans for the past six years. Many families inquire about competitive employment opportunities, and after our students turn 22, these families are left with little assistance in finding these openings. Autism Speaks, in partnership with Rangam Consultants Inc. and WebTeam Corporation, has developed thespectrumcareers.com, a promising and groundbreaking website to facilitate the employment of individuals with autism. The website was designed and built by a Rangam employee who is diagnosed with autism. Job seekers (persons with autism) can search for potential jobs by job title, skills required, or location. The website also offers an opportunity for service providers to register and search for opportunities for their students or clients. Individuals can upload resumes and cover letters, and employers may post videos of the job descriptions in addition to written responsibilities. A video overview of the website as well as informative webinars are available on the home page to explain the mission of The Spectrum Careers. To learn more about the valuable resource, please visit thespectrumcareers.com.


Chrissy Bunnell, MS, CCC-SLP

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