What’s new in 139, you ask? With the help of Kayla, our SLP, we are learning about “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors, or as we call them “ALRIGHT” and “Not ALRIGHT”, which is really hard for all of us to understand in all the different social situations we encounter throughout our day. We are learning the first step which is when we enter a room, what should we do or think about. This is when we read the environment: “what’s going on?”, “who’s here?”, and “what should I do next?”. This is tricky to learn because each environment, everyone is expected to do something different. Kayla has helped us learn the difference between each environment using pictures and our classroom IPADs. She is also teaching us about “thinking bubbles” and “talking bubbles”. This is when someone else is thinking about or talking about something and then we change our thinking or conversation to match theirs. We use lots of visuals to help us read the social situation and figure out what we should think about. We are looking forward to learning more about reading different social situations! We are hopeful that this will also help us when we are at home with family and in the community with unfamiliar people.

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