Tracey Robbins Has Enjoyed Her Time on Board; Says School Keeps Getting Better

After nine years of service on the League School’s Board of Directors, Tracey Robbins is stepping down. Although her duties as a Senior Vice President for Norwood Bank mean she won’t be able to remain on the Board, she remains in awe of the League School’s work. “The school keeps getting better all the time,” said Tracey. “It does a phenomenal job of preparing students on the autism spectrum for life after graduation at age 22.”

Tracey has served on League’s Board since 2013

Tracey discovered the League School when fellow Neponset River Regional Chamber of Commerce member and League School Board member, Carol Magyar, recommended she join the Board. “Tracey didn’t hesitate to serve on the Board,” said Carol. “She has been helpful with reading loan agreements, assisting with our investment policy, and stepping up to assume the officer position of Clerk. Her enthusiasm for fundraising and her efforts to establish the Friends of League have been a huge benefit to the School. She will be missed.”

When the Friends of League was established in 2018, Tracey took on the role of liaison to the Board. “The Friends members are ambassadors to the school and have an important role to play in getting the word out to the community about the school’s work,” said Tracey. She is effusive about the school’s staff. “Larry (Sauer) came in as CEO just as the whole world turned on its axis and has set an example to other educators on new ways to teach children whose abilities are different and need engagement.”

She also is effusive in her praise of Tim McCabe. “Tim is a remarkable Development Director,” said Tracey. “He takes a holistic approach to fundraising and has a real passion for the school.” In the fall, you may see Tracey biking on behalf of League School. “Due to a foot issue, I wasn’t able to participate in the school’s spring bike-a-thon event, but I look forward to participating in the future,” she said.

“I truly enjoyed working with Tracey during her time on the Board,” said David Foster, Board President. “Her enthusiasm will be missed by all.”

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.