MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Early Childhood Cognition Lab, directed by Dr. Laura Schulz, is conducting The Loophole Study, which seeks to improve understanding of communication skills and social decision-making in children who are diagnosed with autism.

There is a short survey for parents of children who are diagnosed with autism. The survey asks whether your child has ever engaged in behavior that takes advantage of “loopholes” (e.g., a parent tells their child that it’s time to put their phone down and the child puts the phone down on the table but keeps watching it).

The survey takes 8 to 10 minutes to complete. You will receive a $5 Amazon gift certificate for participating. This certificate will be sent by email within one week of completing the survey. Parents are eligible if they have a child diagnosed with autism who is currently between the ages of 2 and 21.

Parents interested in participating, please email Cindy Li saying that you would like to participate in The Loophole Study; she will send you the survey link.

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.