League Students Take a Field Trip “for the birds.”

The League School of Greater Boston has recently fostered a new relationship with the Massachusetts Audubon Museum of American Bird Art in Canton.  On February 13th, Danielle Pollard, art educator, brought Pathfinder high school classroom 208, along with teachers Scott Kabay, Nate Evers and clinician Leandro Rosa for an introductory field trip composed of multi-sensory experiences planned out in a flexible program.


The Museum of American Bird Art’s educational coordinator, Sean Kent, welcomed us to explore the “Waterbirds” exhibit while sharing information about the species displayed in the artwork.  One of the highlights of the “Waterbirds” exhibit is an amazing print of a bald eagle created by famous Pop artist Andy Warhol.  Both Sean and a visiting artist offered us a variety of activities including a visual scavenger hunt through the gallery space, drawing media to sketch and learn about the techniques used in the artworks, and then a brief and refreshing nature walk to experience a small section of trails surrounding the museum property.


One of the many positive results of this trip is that we have begun the discussion to open up future internships for the League School students through our vocational program at the Museum of American Bird Art, walking trails and affiliated Audubon property in Canton.

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