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League School for Autism Officially Launches New Website

In line with League School for Autism’s new name and branding, the school has also launched a fully revamped website complete with several modern features and accessibility options for all those who visit.

The site, which will remain, has a new look to match the school’s recently announced rebranding. It also contains a wealth of updated information on the school’s day, residential, and career development programs; admissions process; and ways to donate and contribute to League School.

The site honors the school’s past while simultaneously looking toward its future. Visitors can find information on the school’s founding and longstanding emphasis on being a pioneering and forward-thinking institution, while also detailing the ways in which the school continues to grow through its strategic plan and recently-announced Career Learning Center.

As always, will continue to be the best place to keep up-to-date on all happenings at the school, through a news blog, links to social media accounts, school calendar, online school store, and more.

The site has been optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, meets modern accessibility standards, and has a streamlined design to reduce load times and create an overall smoother viewing experience.

“We hope visitors find our new website both informative and accessible, and that it captures all the exciting things happening at our school,” League School CEO Larry Sauer said.

Anyone with questions regarding the school’s new website can contact the school here.

The site was designed by mhcDesign, LLC.

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Matthew Reid, Marketing Manager.

Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is the Marketing Manager for League School of Greater Boston.