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League School Celebrates Black History Month with Thoughtful Education 

Throughout the month of February, League School staff have been educating students and engaging in meaningful conversations relating to Black History Month. As the month draws to a close, the school would like to thank teachers and administrators for bringing these issues forward and using them to improve and enhance classroom discussions.

At the start of each school day throughout the month, emails were sent to all teachers and staff members highlighting a different individual who made a significant contribution to African American history and culture. The choices were grouped by week in different themes, including scientists like George Washington Carver, musicians like Aretha Franklin and authors like Maya Angelou.

Sending the daily emails was the idea of Assistant Director of Education Chrissy Bunnell and Teacher Trainer and Mentor Leslie Haney. To go along with the daily emails, flyers were created and shared with staff to access additional educational materials and activities to use in their classrooms.

The lessons resonated with classrooms right away. One student in Room 143, after hearing about the life of Jackie Robinson, expressed her deep concern as to why segregation occurred during Robinson’s life, which led to a further discussion on the topic. Similar discussions took place during the month throughout the school.

“As an organization, League School is committed to promoting a culture of community and inclusivity. Highlighting Black Americans whose impact was felt across so many areas (music, sports, science, etc.) seemed like a relevant contribution to our community,” Assistant Director Bunnell said. “Leslie (Haney) created and gathered meaningful activities for all of our students to access and engage with to learn about the importance of these influential people.”

Black History Month is an annual observance first officially recognized in the United States by President Gerald Ford in 1976. To learn more, click here.

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Matthew Reid, Marketing Manager.

Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is the Marketing Manager for League School of Greater Boston.