5 Ways League School Honors International ‘Zero Discrimination Day’

Today marks Zero Discrimination Day, which is observed around the world each year on March 1. It is celebrated in conjunction with the United Nations and other international organizations, and aims to reduce global inequality and discrimination while promoting peace and tolerance for all. 

League School of Greater Boston joins those around the world in celebrating Zero Discrimination Day. Here are five ways we strive for these ideals every day. 

Anti-Bullying: At League School, we abide by a strict zero-tolerance policy for students and staff as it relates to bullying and harassment. Students are taught to respect each other’s differences and treat everyone with respect at all times.

Celebrating Diversity: A theme in much of our day-to-day education is helping our students reach their fullest potential. This means not only acknowledging what makes each student different and unique, but celebrating it. 

Staff Training: Teachers and staff receive regular training on not only autism education, but also anti-discrimination and implicit bias. We want our staff to be leaders in their field, and offer additional professional development and training opportunities in these areas throughout the year. 

Offering Our Expertise: During our long history of educating those on the Autism Spectrum, we have developed a team of professional staff with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities in treating and educating students. We offer consultation services to local school districts, charter schools, and educational collaboratives, so that they can all better learn the ins and outs of educating, understanding and embracing students with autism. 

Showcasing our Students: League School is far more than what is found inside the walls of our hallways and classrooms. Through our robust vocational program, students are often out in their communities working at various job sites or visiting local attractions. We seek to not only broaden our students’ horizons but also break down barriers that may exist locally and beyond. We want our friends and neighbors to see our students for the amazing young people they are, contributing to their communities and being advocates for themselves and their peers. 

To learn more about Zero Discrimination Day, click here.

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Matthew Reid, Marketing Manager.

Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is the Marketing Manager for League School of Greater Boston.