The Hawk’s Nest, the League School’s official school store, is a popular spot for both students and staff. And now that the space is under new leadership, it’s only getting better. 

Kelly Iacono serves as the store’s new manager, having previously been a teacher assistant. She said she loves her new role, as it allows her to work with students across all programs.

Kelly Iacono is the new Hawk’s Nest Manager.

A variety of snacks and beverages can be purchased at the store, as well as League School apparel. Tables are also set up where visitors can sit and relax. Students work at the store during shifts throughout the school day, waiting on customers, restocking the shelves, cleaning tables, taking inventory of school apparel and delivering school supplies ordered by staff.

Skills learned at the store lay the foundation for when students are old enough to take part in the school’s offsite vocational program.

“Students become familiar with interacting with customers, filling out a timesheet, and being in a retail environment,” Iacono said. “It offers structure and helps a lot when the students turn 16 and are eligible to start working with our community partners. Plus they have a great time when they’re here!”

Students in the Transitions program also go to Walmart once a week to help purchase food and supplies, getting experience not only shopping for inventory but also practicing with the checkout process at a store. 

Iacono has embraced her new role as Hawk’s Nest Manager, and looks forward to seeing how the store will continue to grow. She said coming up with creative ways to freshen up and promote the store is similar to how a teacher might put together their classroom. 

“I really want to make this a space where students and staff love coming to,” she said. “It’s been great so far, and I couldn’t be happier in this new role.”

Order Gear Online

Parents and members of the community can easily order League School gear by filling out an online order form. Options include shirts, hats and backpacks. 

Customers can pay online using a credit/debit card, or by making a check out to:

Attn: Kelly Iacono, Hawk’s Nest Manager
300 Boston Providence Turnpike
Walpole, MA 02032

Email Iacono at with questions or concerns regarding an order.

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Matthew Reid is the Marketing Manager for League School of Greater Boston.