Facing the Spectrum – A student art exhibit

League School is proud to announce we will be hosting our first-ever public art exhibition!


FACING THE SPECTRUM, a collection of self-portraits by our talented and diverse students, will be shown at Attleboro Arts Museum from March 2-17. All are welcome to attend the special opening celebration held on Saturday March 4th from 4-5:00pm.


At League School, Arts Education is a strong resource and creative outlet that is especially important for those individuals who have difficulty communicating verbally or with processing language and social situations in a different manner.  Visual Arts allow us all the rare gift of communication through a truly universal language that connects us as human beings.  When students are engaged in a self-portrait, regardless of the media, we ask them to not only look at themselves, but to literally face the spectrum as they either gaze into a mirror, or use a printed ‘selfie’ to draw themselves.  Self-portraiture promotes reflection, which leads to an understanding of and acting upon self-awareness, confidence and introspection.  These abstract concepts are no easy feat for the neurotypical student to delve into, but can present an even deeper disconnect or uncomfortable scenario for the student with ASD. The League School is extremely proud of our artists and will continue to foster each individual voice through a strong arts education program.


For more information email Danielle Pollard at dpollard@leagueschool.com.


Facing the Spectrum – Opening Celebration:

Saturday March 4th, 4:00-5:00pm

Attleboro Arts Museum

86 Park Street

Attleboro, MA 02703

League School building entrance.

League School

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