If the state metrics for COVID-19 continue their downward trend, and the state continues with its reopening as planned, the League School of Greater Boston will resume in-person classes on Monday, July 13. To facilitate a smooth transition, the League School is putting in place the following plan of action:

·        Re-arranging room space to maximize social distancing: The vocational training center and occupational therapy gym will be turned into classroom space. We will also remove temporary walls to increase classroom size.

·        Zoom classroom option: Families have the option to keep their student at home and continue to learn virtually. We are reaching out to families to find out your preference.

·        Teaching special classes virtually: To reduce travel within the building, our special classes, including art and music, will take place virtually via Zoom.

·        Changing to a cohort model: To limit interaction with others, classroom staff and students will stay together throughout the day. Clinicians, occupational and speech therapists will stay with their assigned program, such as Pathfinders.

·        Staff test drive: The school’s staff will return to the building on Monday, July 6, enabling staff to take part in safety training and prepare the classrooms.

·        Frequent COVID-19 screenings: Before staff and students return to the building, they must complete a COVID-19 questionnaire. We will be taking temperatures upon entry with daily updates. Daily screening questionnaires will be part of our regular routine.

The school’s facility, built in 1999 and expanded in 2015, includes a high-quality ventilation system. One of the recommendations to avoid COVID-19 is to be sure you’re in a building with proper ventilation that brings fresh air into a room, and our system has this feature.

“Everyone is anxious to see their friends and teachers, and we are doing everything possible to make the return to school as safe as possible,” said incoming Executive Director, Larry Sauer. “We look forward to welcoming back our students and staff, and are working toward a smooth transition.”

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