Team Supports League School in August 15 Falmouth Road Race

Parent and Employee Share Why They’re Running

Twenty-three team members are running to support the League School in this year’s Falmouth Road Race. On Sunday, August 15, they will step off in person from Woods Hole and run to Falmouth Heights. This is the 49th year of the storied 7-mile race. League School team members include parents, staff, a sibling, a Walpole teacher, and other supporters.

Kelsey is enthusiastic to support the students!

“I’ve been an avid runner for a few years and when I found out about the League School team, I thought it would be an awesome way to merge two of my greatest passions in life,” said League School Occupational Therapist, Kelsey Nestro. “I’m proud to raise funds that will go towards the needs of our students – who deserve it all.”

This is Laura Davis’s fifth year running the Falmouth Road Race in support of the school where her son attends. “The League School is special for many reasons,” she said. “The school has awesome teachers, personalized instruction, supportive staff, FRIENDS, work opportunities for the students, community trips, and parental support.”

Laura is back for her 5th race for League

Kelsey and Laura are hard at work preparing for the race, which has beautiful scenery, but little shade and a challenging hill at the end. Kelsey, who is hoping to finish the race in under an hour, has run two marathons and a half-marathon. She runs shorter distances three times during the workweek and goes for a longer run on the weekend.

Laura is not looking to beat her personal best time. “I’m just looking to avoid a trip to the medical tent,” she jests. She is alternating between walking, lifting weights, and going on short runs.

At the end of May, Kelsey joined the school as a full-time Occupational Therapist. She had previously interned at the school. “Being a new staff member, I immediately felt welcomed to the team,” she said. “The League School is special because everyone works as a team to create the most supportive environment for the students.”


Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.