School Year Off to a Tremendous Start Thanks to Teamwork and Preparedness

The League School reopened its school program for in-person learning on July 13, and has been making steady progress ever since. Two-thirds of the students returned to campus initially, and that number has grown steadily to the current 77%. Almost all of the students who haven’t returned to campus are participating in virtual learning. “Our teachers have done an amazing job of pivoting from in-person to remote to hybrid teaching,” said Chief Operating Officer Cheryl White. “The leadership team put together the supports needed to educate our students and keep everyone safe, and our in-person achievements aren’t yet available at most public schools.”

“Sixty-six percent of the Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools (maaps) including the League School are providing full-time in-person education compared to only four percent of public schools,” said CEO Larry Sauer. “This means that the students who need in-person instruction most are getting the services they need.”

The school recently welcomed seven new students, including one residential program participant. Four are Pathfinders, two are in the Transition program, and one is a Foundations participant. Admissions Coordinator Lynne Goyuk has been helping parents and school districts navigate the placement process during this unprecedented time.

Before school reopened, the school reconfigured classrooms to allow for social distancing and a minimum of six feet between desks. We converted some of the common spaces to classrooms for extra space. All staff and most students wear masks at all times and we have rigorous cleaning and sanitizing processes in place. The school also purchased and maintains a six-month supply of personal protective equipment. As required by the state, all staff received baseline COVID-19 testing and only one staff member, who was asymptomatic, tested positive. The staff member and students in contact with that person quarantined, and the students all tested negative. The school will conduct ongoing periodic COVID-19 testing.

“Staff are following protocols for mask wearing and hand washing in school and at home,” said Cheryl. “We are all committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment for our students and team.”

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.