Every six years, the League School has the opportunity to go through an evaluation process to assess whether we are optimally meeting the needs of the students we serve. As the student population and our programs change, this reconstruction process, authorized under Massachusetts regulations, enables us to make adjustments to our funding sources for staffing, equipment, and facilities. As a result of these efforts we are able to expand in the following areas:

  • New staff – we will be hiring new staff including a teacher, a few teacher aids, and a number of job coaches who serve as liaisons and supervisors at vocational sites.
  • New vans – we will be adding five new vans,which will streamline transport of students to multiple community work sites.
  • New property at Moose Hill – we have purchased a new adjacent property, which will enable us to expand our programming.
COO Larry Sauer directed League’s reconstruction

The year long process was spearheaded by League School’s Chief Operating Officer, Larry Sauer. “The program meets an important need for school districts,” said Larry “Our highly skilled staff specialize in helping students on the autism spectrum. These students benefit from more services than are offered in most school districts. We are pleased that we will be able to expand programming and provide more services to our students.”

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