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Pathfinders Students Applauded for Kindness, Positive Attitudes

Students in the Pathfinders program were honored last week for their hard work and compassion during a special ceremony. 

Pathfinders Program Coordinator Grethel La O led the ceremony, and gave shout-outs to the Student of the Month awards winners from the program. Each student received a certificate and had their accomplishments read out loud to those in attendance. 

The winners included: 

  • Awesome Attitude Award – Austin
  • Caring Classmate Award – Domenic
  • Kindness Award – Noah
  • League Leader Award – Alex

Awards were given to students who displayed kindness toward others, a willingness to help their fellow students, and more. 

Pathfinders Assistant Director of Education Michaela Fanelli, League School Director of Education Patrick Fuller and the entire Pathfinders staff congratulate the students who were given awards and look forward to holding similar ceremonies in the future.

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Matthew Reid, Marketing Manager.

Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is the Marketing Manager for League School of Greater Boston.