As a high school teacher in the Pathfinder Program I have the opportunity to watch my students grow and meet social and academic challenges. The League School provides a team of teachers that collaborate and work towards finding ways to interest students in the curriculum and build 21st century skills. The students amaze me by meeting challenges daily.

Recently, in World History class we have been learning about the history of Ancient India. The students were asked to go on a virtual tour of India and create a scrapbook of their virtual vacation. The students really enjoyed this project as it gave them a chance to be creative and meet their academic requirements at the same time. The scrapbooks came out beautiful and the students were very proud of their work. Another positive thing that we have seen in the Pathfinder’s program is in ELA class. The class has been reading The Crucible. Students became very involved in the reading and choosing parts to read – everyone wanted a part with a lot of lines, even students that often choose not to read aloud. Although they could get silly – using silly voices to differentiate their characters – overall they had a great time reading this in class and genuinely enjoyed coming to class which was great to see!

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