My Experience at League School

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure to work at the League School of Greater Boston. The past three years have been unique as a result of having the opportunity to work with students across the different programs.

I started in July 2007 working with Carole-Jean Smith. It was a wonderful learning experience. Not only was she a great mentor, but she also became a most valued friend. I completed my master’s degree with her as my mentor and colleague.

In 2012 I was presented with a rare opportunity to work with students from all the various programs as a floating teacher. At first I was very intimidated at the thought of being thrown in a different room every day not knowing all the students very well.   It was challenging at first. I felt I had to gain my colleagues’ trust again. Now I was in their classrooms with their students whereas before I was working with one head teacher. It was a wonderful experience for me due to the level of confidence I had acquired working with the different programs. I learned the true meaning of why it is called Autism Spectrum Disorder. All these students are so different on so many levels. They all have something special within themselves and we just have to find a way to let it shine.

In spring 2013 I was approached to accept a position as a vocational teacher in the Hawks’ Nest. It didn’t take me long to accept. As a floating teacher I gained more confidence working in the different programs.

I accepted the position with a renewed excitement and opportunity to make the Hawks’ Nest my very own for everyone to enjoy. Since accepting the position as vocational teacher in the Hawks’ Nest I continue to learn so much as each of these special kids grow and mature.

Every day is a unique adventure because I work with a diverse group of students every ½ hour block. As much as I hope students have learned from me I know I have learned so much from them and continue to do so.

I also value the close bond I have developed with Maureen Pratt, my supervisor, and Paul Larter, vocational manager. I look forward to continue servicing the needs of the students at League School along with my colleagues.

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League School building entrance.

League School

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