Letter from the Sister of a residential student at the League School of Greater Boston

Dear League School Staff,

Happy New Year!

As you may have heard, my brother had an extremely successful wisdom tooth operation two days ago. He was calm throughout the whole process. This makes me doubt whether this is the same kid who couldn’t even go inside the hospital entrance three years ago. Our family realized two days ago, that he must have matured, and the reason he feels so comfortable is because he trusts everyone who has been showing him so much love and care at the League School.

This winter break, he showed our family a completely new side of him. For the past three weeks I was home, he never showed any aggression nor stubbornness. Together we visited places that he had problems with before, but did so well. We watched a movie at a movie theatre where he refused to come out a few months ago for almost ten hours and he came right out this time. We went to the YMCA which he refused to enter before and he swam laps with my father and had a great time playing basketball with all of us. Wherever we went, restaurants or malls, instead of being stubborn of his own desires and wants, he followed directions so well and enjoyed the time he spent with us. We also tried a new thing, ice skating. He had never done this before and he was able to do it this time for 30 minutes and was giggling the whole time.

This winter break was so meaningful and miraculous to be a part of and see the how much change my brother has experienced. I really cannot think of any other reason than the love and care he receives from all of you at the League School as the reason. I think, he is slowly learning to open his heart and give trust.  This comfort and ease that my family sees in him give us so much happiness and satisfaction, especially for my parents.

We are continuously so grateful to you and the League School for making a difference in my brother’s life.  I wish you all the best in the New Year 2014 and a fantastic start to the new semester!



Sister of Residential and Day Student


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