The music department at League School is proud to share details for our three spring musical concerts. The dates of these concerts are March 31, April 28, and May 24, 2016.

Parents are invited to all of these concerts, however the concerts are not open to the general public. All concerts take place in the Vetstein Auditorium at League School.

On March 31, our first-ever musical recital featured solo performances by ten students, who have been taking lessons with their music teacher. Students played piano, snare drum and cymbal, djembe, electric guitar, and alto recorder. They prepared for the performing environment by having their lessons in the auditorium instead of the music room for the last two weeks. In that way they would be acclimated to the larger, open area, the ambience, and the differing acoustics.

On Thursday, April 28, our next concert will take place from 12:30 to 2:15. This concert includes the League School Chorus and the two groups from our residences: the Rock Street Band and the Educational Learning Center (ELC) Band. The performances are for parents and League School students to attend. Chorus will sing eight songs, mostly by the Beatles. The Rock Street Band students have also chosen to sing. The E.L.C. Band members have chosen to play a variety of instruments.

Our spring finale is the All-School Concert, which will take place on Tuesday, May 24 from 12:30 to 2:15. The theme of this concert is “Songs of the Sea and Ocean.” Each classroom has chosen a song related in some way to that theme. Our talented students will sing, play instruments and dance. This concert is the culmination of months of practice during music classes. Parents have likely heard their children singing or whistling this music at home, or listening on it on their iPods.

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