Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting the director of DAICAD, Rocio Rego, and her husband and DAICAD board member, Pedro Bernal. Ten years ago, Ms Rego and her team from Argentina visited League School in the hopes of learning and developing ideas to begin a similar school back home. Her work over the past 10 years in Argentina is truly remarkable and her school continues to grow, holding the same values as League – working to support students in reaching their full potential.

In more recent years, as her students began to reach their teenage years and to approach transitioning to adulthood, Ms Rego recognized the need to build transitional programs at DAICAD. The visit and collaboration last month focused on the vocational training and skill building opportunities we offer at League to our older students. League staff offered suggestions such as reaching out to community vendors and creating in-school vocational opportunities. In the few weeks since her visit, Ms Rego has already set up community internships with a local supermarket, restaurant, and car wash.
It was a wonderful experience for League staff to learn about autism services in other parts of the world and share their expertise in supporting students as they approach adulthood. Ms Rego was an inspiration to all of us, demonstrating that a vision and a plan in the name of supporting students can go a long way. Her letter can be found below.

Download the letter by clicking here

Attn.: Frank Gagliardi

League School

300 Providence Hwy One Williams Center

Walpole, MA 02026

United States of America

Re: League School & Daicad Collaboration

Dear Frank and Team,

I am very sorry that I took so long to write you after our visit to League School at the beginning

of September 2014.

I returned so excited with what we saw that we began working immediately in the vocational

program. In fact six vocational program students just began working in our community a couple

of weeks ago in a supermarket, a car wash and a restaurant. All these places are within walking

distance from our School which makes logistics easy, and are family-owned ventures which

made the approval process of accepting our children to work at their places very straight

forward. Our students are very excited about this new challenge and so are our staff and


I wanted to thank you and the entire League team for opening your doors to us and for being so

generous with all the valuable information and ideas that you provided during our visit.

We look forward to strengthening our bonds and keeping conversations regarding the possibility

of professional exchanges and conference calls to discuss specific situations and best practices

as we discussed. We are of course open to receiving League team members in Daicad

whenever you consider it appropriate.

Thank you so much again for all your help. I hope to see you again in the very near future.

Best Regards,

Rocio Rego




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