League School Classroom’s Activities Include a Thanksgiving Feast

League School Classroom’s Activities Include a Thanksgiving Feast

There are a number of seasonal activities underway in classroom 217 at the League School as the students get ready for the upcoming holiday season.

The theme for the month has been the 5 Senses of Thanksgiving. Students have been “Looking and Touching” all of the changes that fall brings to the environment, “Listening” to stories about tradition and history, and finally, will be “Tasting and Smelling” all the foods that families traditionally share at Thanksgiving Dinner. It is an all-encompassing program that encourages student participation while enhancing their sensory development.

The students have been making seasonal crafts like a Give Thanks Candy Jar, a textured Cornucopia, and even created their own paper plate pilgrims. Among the cooking activities they’ve enjoyed are making Thanksgiving trail mix as well as a harvest loaf. They’ve also been doing food tasting every Friday in advance of their preparation of a Thanksgiving Feast that the entire school will be invited to attend on Tuesday, November 20th at 11:00 in the school auditorium.

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