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Falmouth Road Race Team Profile: Patrick Fuller

Patrick Fuller

Patrick Fuller is the League School’s Director of Education. He last ran the Falmouth Road Race in 2019, and is excited about being a part of the League School’s team again this year.

He loves how the race (and the Town of Falmouth) is so fun and family-friendly, and allows people of all ages and running experience to enjoy the day. 

As an administrator at the school, Patrick fully embraces the team’s motto of, “It Takes A Great Team To Make A Great League!” He said the school does so much to enrich the lives of its students, and that it truly takes a dedicated team of passionate educators and staff members to make it all work. He tells new staff members that when you join the League School you join a team of people who all work together to do special things, just like the school’s Falmouth race team.

In terms of the race itself, Patrick said he plans on listening to a book-on-tape and taking it slow, enjoying the scenery and the positive atmosphere of the event. 

To donate to Patrick and support the League School’s team, visit his personal race page here.

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