A student recently transferred into our Transition Program from one of our other programs. The Transition Program at League School educates students between the ages of 16 and 22 with a focus on functional academics, vocational training, social pragmatic skills, independent living skills, community experiences, and safety awareness. This student had many challenges; both academics and emotional. We pride ourselves on celebrating the individual in every student, and when necessary, treat them like they’re your only student.

Prior to the student arriving, we took the time to find out the student’s strengths and challenges. We also found about his likes and dislikes (i.e., food and music), as well as what situations make him happy or sad. Once we have this information, we can easily achieve one of our goals: to make the student as comfortable as possible.

Another goal is to put the student in vocational placements that he/she will succeed in. From the previous information we gathered, we were able to determine what vocational jobs were the best match.

One job the student excelled at was working at a Local Service Garage. The tasks included doing oil changes, cleaning up the garage, and going to pick up auto supplies for the garage. Another job the student enjoyed was working at a Local Animal Farm. Some of the responsibilities included light landscaping as well as setting up the food and feeding the animals. Overall, these vocational jobs kept the student calm, focused, and productive.

In an effort to set up these jobs sites, a teacher was instrumental in using his connections with the staff at the sites.

Going forward, these vocational job successes will provide a good direction going into Adult Services.

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