Adaptive Physical Education and Our New Gym and Field

I have the great pleasure of teaching every student from 6 to 22 years old and with a wide range of skills and abilities. The Adapted Physical Education program consists of sport specific and lifetime fitness activities, both adapted to the individual needs of the students.   I work with the classroom teachers to integrate academics, health, nutrition and social skills into the physical activity in hopes of generalizing skills. I am also now collaborating with the Occupational Therapy Department to incorporate a school wide yoga program into the daily activities of the students.  

Another exciting improvement has been the renovations to the school.   We now have a large flat fenced in field, separate from the playground, which allows the students to better focus, have access to more equipment, and have a more appropriate size area to utilize sports skills. This year we will be playing baseball, soccer, flag football tennis, ultimate Frisbee and have a track unit.  We will also be playing tag and backyard type games tht the students may be playing with friends and families.

The new gym has been divided into two parts. The sports activity area has been reduced in size and has a lower ceiling to lessen sensory over-stimulation.  It has a calming color scheme with autism blue floors and walls.  It is here that we play badminton, volleyball, kickball and have obstacle courses along with other activities. Connected to the gym is a new fitness center with a rower, treadmill, bike and elliptical for cardiovascular fitness and a universal and TRX for strengthening exercises. The fitness center mimics a standard gym so that the students can learn lifetime fitness concepts and techniques to use outside and beyond school. I would also like to thank all those supporters who have been donating money and equipment throughout the year. It has contributed much to the success of the program.

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