Selected Record Management Platform to Improve Accuracy and Communication

League School will now incorporate the secure web-based platform, Blue Step, to improve communication.

League School has been relying on paper student records since its inception in 1966. This method has served us well, but we became aware that it was time to move into the 21st century. Chief Executive Officer, Larry Sauer, had begun looking at educational record management systems last year. After evaluating a number of options, he and other members of the team selected BlueStep data management solution. “BlueStep has all the features we were looking for, was priced competitively, and could be customized for our needs,” said Larry.

With the secure web-based platform, there will be a central system for accessing student records, which will improve communication between departments. The database will allow the school to identify trends through customized reports. The FamilyConnect™ feature will enable parents to access their child’s reports and facilitate communication with the school and the student’s team. “Deb Torres and I are developing new system training for parents,” said Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl White. “The new platform will allow parents to fill out forms, communicate with staff, and get updates on the Parent Advisory Committee all in one place.”

The planned launch date is Monday, March 22, and the staff is migrating Excel and paper records into the new system. “Our administrative staff has been instrumental in the migration process,” said Cheryl. “Deb and I are working with them to ensure an efficient and accurate process. We are also collaborating with Lynne Goyuk (Admissions Coordinator) on the admissions inquiry system so a record is in place when a student enrolls in the school.”

“BlueStep helps with a number of goals,” said Cheryl. “It streamlines communication with parents, improves the school’s ability to make data-based decisions, and modernizes our processes.”

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.