Responsiveness and Excellence in Autism Education Boosts Recruitment Efforts

The League School’s reputation for effective Autism programming coupled with responsiveness to inquiries has led to a steady flow of student referrals. Many school districts are struggling to help students catch up on missed learning due to the pandemic. Some are finding they don’t have the resources to help students on the autism spectrum, and they are turning to League School. Enrollment recently surpassed the 100-student mark with a current population of 102 day and residential students from 60 towns.

Lynne Goyuk has been at League school since 2019 as Admissions Coordinator

“We are getting referrals for younger children ages 8 and 9 and for older students with behavior spikes when they reach puberty,” said Lynne Goyuk, Admissions Coordinator. “The League School’s multidisciplinary SCERTS® model is highly effective for students along the Autism spectrum.” For significantly challenged, non-verbal students with activities of daily living gaps, the Foundations program is ideal. Verbal and academically successful students benefit from the Pathfinders program that prepares them for a High School diploma. The Transitions program helps students who are most likely to enter the workforce and are ready for vocational training.

School districts that have worked with League School in the past often contact the school for a new placement. “We do well by students on the autism spectrum — it’s all we do — and we have dedicated teachers and staff who are in a class of their own,” said Lynne. “Our reputation for education excellence and responsiveness to school district outreach are key factors for repeat placements.” 

The school promotes its programs through multiple means: virtual conferences; website; social media; newsletter; and participation at local events, such as Walpole Day. CEO Larry Sauer, COO Cheryl White, and Lynne recently participated at an in-person National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) conference. Word of mouth is the most effective advertisement. “Our best promotion is happy students,” said Lynne. “It’s gratifying when parents share that their child loves school and looks forward to attending.”

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.