Fostering Well-Being and Success Provides Life Skills for Graduate

The League School’s day and residential programs fostered recent graduate, Alex Linsky’s, life skills through a caring and coordinated approach. “League school staff were always responsive and we always felt they genuinely cared for Alex and his well-being and success,” said Alex’s mother, Corrine Linsky. “League School students are incredibly lucky! The school helped prepare Alex for adult services by proving Alex has the skills and abilities to be successful in a Community-Based Day Program versus a traditional day program.”

Congratulations to Alex on his graduation from League School

In 2013, the Linskys were struggling with Alex. His behaviors were challenging and unsafe at home and school. The local school district recommended different residential program options, but none matched Alex’s needs and personality. Cori began searching online and recognized the League School from driving on Route 1. “I came for a tour and knew immediately it was the best fit for Alex,” said Cori. “The school is bright and cheery and the teaching and behavior methods were not the strict methodologies of some schools that I knew would not make Alex happy.”

Alex spending time in his residence playing Uno

Alex was one of the first students to enroll in the new Educational Learning Center (ELC) residences in July 2014. His behaviors and independence improved each year he spent at League. “We were thrilled Alex could live in a new facility right on campus and have his own room,” said Cori. “He loved coming home for visits, but at the end of the weekend he was just as excited to go back to his other home at ELC, which made us happy,” said Cori. “Our favorite thing about League was Alex did something we never thought would happen – he had friends!”

“The ELC staff and the League School staff are extremely caring and understanding towards the individual needs of each student,” said Alex’s father, Todd Linsky. “Everyone we came in contact with understood Alex’s nuances and how to handle him in all sorts of conditions.” Both parents were impressed with how the school handled the pandemic. “The school took advantage of every opportunity to make things as normal as possible for the kids,” said Cori. “Getting back into the community was slow, but they made it happen. Many of my friends’ special needs kids have yet to go back into the community in their programs.” Todd added, “I cannot say enough positive things about the ELC staff and their dedication to the students during Covid.”

Alex especially enjoyed working in the community. “Over his eight years at League School and ELC, Alex’s favorite activities were outings in the community, whether it be his jobs at the Bakery at Big Y before Covid, Winslow Farms, or Meals on Wheels,” said Todd. “He also enjoyed trips to Six Flags, Dave and Busters, and Canobie Lake Park during school vacation weeks.”

The Linskys are working to get Alex into an Adult Service Program, and League School gave Alex the tools needed to succeed. “If you give Alex a chance and present a situation in the right way it is amazing what he can do,” said Cori. “We are looking for an adult service program where Alex can do what he loves most – being out in the community and contributing what he can. I don’t know if he would have developed these skills if we hadn’t found League.”

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Tim McCabe, Director of Development.

Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe is the Director of Development for League School of Greater Boston.