League School purchased the 4-acre lot for future development in 2018

In January, the Board of Directors approved building a new vocational education center at the Moosehill Road property. This plan was part of a unanimous vote to adopt the Strategic Plan, which provides a three-year roadmap for growth.

The preliminary plans for the new center including multiple options for students to learn vocational skills:

  • Retail café/garden store
  • Greenhouse and garden to support the café
  • Classrooms for learning entry-level skills for the building trade: plumbing, electrical, and carpentry
  • Classroom for learning computer skills, including data entry and coding
  • The Vocational center for clerical and office skills that’s now housed in the main building
  • Outdoor soccer and special Olympic fields
  • Basketball court

The facilities department and some offices will also move to Moosehill to allow additional classroom space in the main building for the Foundations and Transition programs. “The new vocational education center at Moosehill will enhance the programs we offer and will allow us to serve more students,” said Chief Executive Officer, Larry Sauer. “The center will give our vocational students real world experience on campus before they step out into the community.”

The school is also looking to expand work options near student homes. This will enable students to work over the weekend and will help them connect with local employers. “These vocational initiatives will set up our students for success in the work world after graduation,” said Larry.

Larry estimates that the entire process will take two-and-a-half years. The Board’s Facilities Subcommittee is overseeing the Moosehill project. The one of the first steps will be hiring an architect. Larry and Mike Sullivan, the school’s Director of Facilities, will work with Board Chair, Roger Lockwood, and Committee Chair, Craig Ciechanowski, and Board Member, Rob Way, to solicit bids and evaluate proposals. The Board is seeking “green” building options that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation.

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