As we begin another school year with look back with gratitude and appreciation for all of those who showed their support throughout what was an unprecedented year and a half. In particular we would like to recognize our teachers and staff, Board of Directors and Friends of League, as well as the maaps (Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools) organization and our state agencies, who all played an important role in our successful navigation of this year. 

League School continues to keep the safety and the education of our students at the forefront in our transition back to normal operations. We will continue to monitor the situation and look to state and local officials for clarity. Below are some of the recent changes to our policies created during the pandemic.

All of the following updates are effective 7/6/2021

Staff Updates:

  • Staff will no longer be required to take a daily temperature
  • Staff members will no longer be required to complete a daily heath screening once they complete an attestation. 
  • In person meetings can resume in conference space
  • Staff members can resume the use of personal mugs and water bottles
  • There are no changes to the mask policy at this time
  • Staff should continue to maintain social distance whenever possible

Facility Updates:

  • There is increased capacity in the public areas (conference space, lunch rooms)
  • Barriers are available, but not mandatory based on staff comfort level
  • The cafeteria will be open for student uses
  • Disposable water bottles will no longer be provided

Visitor Updates:

  • Visitors are welcome back into the building
  • Visitors will need to complete a health questionnaire
  • Visitors will need to have a temperature check
  • Visitors will be expected to maintain 6 feet social distance

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our decision or pandemic policies, please contact League School’s Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl White or League School’s Director of Education, Patrick Fuller.