For many months now our highest priority has been maintaining the health and safety of our students, their families, and our staff.  From closing our building in March to the many safety precautions and equipment we have put in place to bring the students back into the building, safety remains the top priority.  While sometimes these measures can feel burdensome, protecting everyone’s health is critical to the continued functioning of our school.

In order to minimize transmission of the coronavirus during the upcoming holidays, where visiting with others is frequently a part of the celebration, League School has made the decision to make the week after the holiday vacation break (January 4th-8th) a remote learning week for all of our students. 

This will provide more than 14 days for the students to be away from the school and will act as a quarantine for everyone.  During this time, teachers will be offering a full day of Zoomed classes for students including art, music, and gym classes.

Head of the Speech and Language department, Chrissy Bunnell, designed a visual calendar to be used as a preview for day students during the remote learning week.

While this may be inconvenient for some families, we believe it is a prudent decision that will allow us to remain open for in person learning and prevent the spread of the virus in the school building.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our decision or pandemic policies, please contact League School’s Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl White or League School’s Director of Education, Patrick Fuller.

Remote Learning Resources

To better help our students and families during these difficult times, we offer the following resources.

League School Classroom Support

League School’s teachers and staff have developed instructional materials to provide their students with appropriately structured and supported ways to keep learn. Remote learning will focus on reinforcing skills already taught this school year while applying and deepening those skills. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the classroom teacher or Program Coordinator.

Additional Learning Supports

Resources by League Staff

About the Covid-19

Grant’s Stance: Social Learning while Social Distancing

Grant is a student in our Pathfinders Program. With the help of our clinical team, he put together a series of videos that explain different social concepts we discuss throughout all of our programs. Check them out!

League School Recommended Learning Resources

Learn about Self-care in the time of COVID- 19 HERE

A quick, but helpful animated social story that helps explain some of the current issues that are confusing to our students right now. The story titled We Wear Masks can be found by clicking the following link: https://youtu.be/lnP-uMn6q_U

A video shared by Kayla Halsall, Speech and Language Pathologist for League School’s Foundations/CTLS programs. It is an hour-long AAC webinar by a parent, for parents! It covers three simple steps to incorporate AAC in the home. The parent who created the webinar also happens to be an AAC consultant at Prentke Romich, a dedicated device company. There is a visual/ resource that was shown during the video that our SLP department recreated. It is a chart detailing core word combinations that can be modeled during daily activities (e.g., getting dressed, setting the table, etc.). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Link: https://youtu.be/km46bTQgEhk

The following link is for the Prentke Romich website: https://www.prentrom.com/caregivers/augmentative-and-alternative-communication-aac-resource-library 

Yoga provides a good way to incorporate movement and daily stretching for students. In addition, yoga can help students develop calming regulating strategies. Here is a 5-minute video of yoga poses that students can perform at home. https://youtu.be/Jo3ga3Vk6vQ

Another Youtube channel is called Cosmic Kids Yoga and has yoga, mindfulness and relaxation activities for kids. The channel has wacky
interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence. https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga/videos.

This is a wonderful social story shared by the renowned Carol Gray, the original social story creator. Social stories provide information in a simple and concrete way which can help ease anxiety.  Answer the hard questions because knowledge is power! https://carolgraysocialstories.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Pandemics-and-the-Coronavirus.pdf

We know there are more than a few animal lovers at League.  Even though their doors are closed for now, you can still enjoy a virtual visit.  Encourage language and conversation skills by asking “WH” questions while you watch.  What did you see?  What is your favorite animal?  Where should we go first on our next visit? https://www.neaq.org/visit/at-home-events-and-activities/  

Epic, a digital library for students, has free remote student access until June 30th, 2020. Students are able to access the online service through an invitation from a
teacher’s account.  https://www.getepic.com/

Audible is free to kids until the end of school year!  https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

About Zoom: Videoconferencing

Jack Lui, League’s Assistive tech and IT specialist, suggests the following information regarding privacy on Zoom. It is important for hosts to watch. There’s a new trend called Zoom Bombing whereas an uninvited guest hijacks a video conference. Here is a link from Zoom that describes how to prevent these unwanted guests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1IMmOujc9c

DESE Recommended Learning Resources

Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities






Students with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs



Young Students (Pre K-K)


Videos/Visuals Demonstrating Functional Skills


Contact League School for Program Support

In the event you have a specific question for a League School professional regarding support services, please submit your inquiry below.