Photo of Patricia Ellis.

Patricia Ellis

As a former League parent, the School holds a special place for Patricia and the Ellis family. Her son, Connor, attended the school for 10 years before his graduation in 2014.

“Connor’s time at League School were some of the best years of his life,” said Patricia Ellis. “He quickly assimilated into the school’s programs and generally thrived for the next 10 years. The adage – we gave them a boy and they gave us back a man – certainly applies.”

Prior to becoming the primary caregiver to Connor and other members of her family, Patricia worked for 20 years at CVS and for 10 years as a teacher’s assistant at the Dedham Early Childhood Education Center.

Along with Connor and Geoff, Patricia has remained involved with League School. She has served on the event committees for the school’s largest annual fundraiser, Night of Champions.