League School of Greater Boston has been a leading educator of children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 50+ years. League School has done so by maintaining a steadfast commitment to one Mission:

“To help students with Autism develop to their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives; social, emotional, academic, and behavioral.”


Vetstein in front of League School
Our founders Arnold and Leona Vetstein.

To achieve this far-reaching mission, the school takes a comprehensive developmental approach, encompassing every aspect of a student’s life. Our approach is to carefully introduce the students to new challenges. We believe that if students are given the right set of challenges and supportive strategies to overcome them, they will grow and achieve success.

League School offers distinct programs, each designed to teach social, academic, behavioral, and community-life skills based on a student’s age, ability, and unique set of needs. We take an integrated, team approach to education, giving our students the tools and strategies they need to experience their own thoughts, actions, and emotions in context, which is the foundation for growth.

League School has a more than 50 year history of meeting the needs of students with Autism

Founded in 1966, League School of Greater Boston is a non-profit, private school for students on the Autism Spectrum. The school was established by Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Vetstein, Dr. and Mrs. Morton Olin, and a small team of professionals, including Dr. Carl Fenichel, founder and long term director of the League School of Brooklyn. We believe, like our founders did, that if given the right set of challenges and supportive strategies to overcome them, our students will grow and achieve success.

student and teacher holding hands

Originally located in the basement of the Peabody School in Newton, League School has changed locations a number of times over its 50+ year history, including eight years at the Lindeman Center in Boston. In 1999, League School moved to its current location in Walpole, MA on the Boston-Providence Highway. An addition was added to the building in 2015 to expand the school’s ability to serve more students and offer greater program diversity. In 2014 (ELC1) and 2017 (ELC2), two residential homes, were completed on the campus of the school, offering a total of 32 single bedrooms for students who need twenty-four-hour support.

What began as a single classroom in an old school building in Newton has grown to a multi-program school serving more than 100 day and residential students on the Autism Spectrum with a wide range of needs. League School now employs approximately 165 full- and part-time staff members dedicated to providing these students with high-quality programs and services from a wide array of disciplines to ensure these students are receiving the best possible education to prepare them for greater independence when they move into the adult world.

League School is the only school in Massachusetts educating students on the Autism Spectrum that uses the SCERTS® Model as its programmatic framework for enhancing the lives of our students. League School is also the only school in Massachusetts whose Principal holds the autism endorsement along with four of the League School’s Head Teachers.