Providing Learning Opportunities 24 Hours a Day in Homes and the Community

League School’s Residential Program provides our child with wonderful opportunities to live with others while he learns. It creates a warm and accepting environment which enables him to prosper while gaining the life skills he will need to succeed once he graduates.
Parent Testimonial

Overview of the League School Residential Program

League School of Greater Boston has created a 24 hour learning environment for those students who require more than a day school program alone can offer. It is both a caring and comprehensive program, providing a nurturing environment designed to optimize student success. The Residential Program continues learning throughout the student’s entire day. Students work on IEP goals including communication and social skills, emotional and behavioral regulation, as well as daily living skills, leisure skills, and community skills. League School specialists (Speech, OT, BCBA) consult with the Residential Staff to ensure consistent programming across the school and the residence. The SCERTS Model is incorporated into the Residential Program to provide consistency for the students and a common framework for teaching the skills students need to maximize their independence and prepare for adult life. Click below to take a virtual tour of one of League’s Residences

The Educational Learning Centers (ELC I and ELC II)

Residential Program Kitchen
League School offers two new residences on its Walpole campus.

The Residential Program consists of two two-story residences on the school’s campus.  These recently built homes each have the capacity for 16 students with a maximum of 8 students living on each floor.

All homes in the residences are co-educational. Each student has their own fully furnished single room. Each floor has two student bathrooms, a common area for eating meals and relaxing together, and a kitchen area where students prepare meals or assist staff in meal preparation. Students also have access to an exercise and game room. Students learn to maintain their personal hygiene, care for their own laundry, and participate in household chores, with staff assistance and guidance as necessary.

Residential Program Bedroom
Individual rooms are offered to each student

Family Involvement

Families are encouraged to be actively involved with their student residing at League School. Students are encourage to call, Facetime, Skype, or email family members on a regular basis. Many of the students also go home for visits on weekends, holidays, and during vacation periods.