The Pathfinders Program serves students ages 6 to 22 with the ultimate goal of receiving a high school diploma.

The Pathfinders Program serves students diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities at the elementary, middle and high school level (ages 6 to 22) who are typically working toward a high school diploma. The Pathfinder Program also serves post high school students with transition programming to facilitate transition to adult services or higher education. In addition to a full academic program, Pathfinders’ students participate in vocational internships both within the community and within the school itself, to develop and practice those skills needed for future employment success. All Pathfinders classes extend learning beyond the classroom walls by participating in community-based activities. These community experiences promote independence by supporting the generalization of learned skills outside classroom and into the real world, thus preparing students to meet their post-secondary goals.

Students watching teacher

As with all students at the League School, each student’s program is individualized to best meet their individual social, emotional, academic, and behavioral needs. The Pathfinders Program operates on a transdisciplinary team model with therapeutic, clinical, vocational, and academic staff meeting regularly to consult and support students. Every member of the team works with students within the classroom setting, in the community, and on the job site to address skill development in a natural setting where practice has purpose.