In July of 2018, the League School established the Friends of League to bring together a group of professionals who could contribute to the school and its mission. Representing a cross-section of professional and personal expertise, the group is tasked with supporting the school by providing their time, strategic knowledge, and resources. …

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The League School’s day and residential programs fostered recent graduate, Alex Linsky’s, life skills through a caring and coordinated approach. “League school staff were always responsive and we always felt they genuinely cared for Alex and his well-being and success,” said Alex’s mother, Corrine Linsky. “League School students are incredibly lucky! The school …

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Thanks to a recently approved supplemental budget, special education schools including the League School will receive a grant to help with critical staffing needs. Recruiting and retaining staff during the pandemic has been a challenge for schools. The Emergency Assistance for Approved Special Education Schools (EAASES) grant provides significant funding for approved special …

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Bailey’s Team Grant and Fundraisers Will Help Fill the Gaps

When the pandemic began two years ago, and the school pivoted to virtual teaching, staff and students needed technology for each student’s and teacher’s home. The use of technology – including iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops – has increased since then. …

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Join Us in Celebrating Frank Gagliardi on Thursday, May 5

After a two-year delay, the League School community finally has the chance to honor retired Executive Director, Frank Gagliardi. Join us on Thursday, May 5, at the Walpole Country Club in Walpole to honor Frank and his 12-year service to …

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