League School Offers Consultation Services to Local School Districts, Charter Schools, and Educational Collaboratives

Through more than 50 years of meeting the needs of students on the Autism Spectrum, League School has developed a team of professional staff with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities in treating and educating these students.

Any Local School District, Charter School, Collaborative Program, or Private School in need of expertise in the field of Autism Education may contact League School Consultation Services Department. Services offered include, but are not limited to, program assessment, recommendations for change, introduction of new methodologies or approaches, and providing professional development and training to staff members throughout the program.

League School offers a number of different consultation areas to these programs. The following services may be accessed individually or as part of a comprehensive team program review. Each area of expertise can offer assessment, recommendations, and training to match the needs of the programs.

  • Speech and Language Consultation
  • Occupational Therapy Consultation
  • Behavioral Services Consultation (BCBAs)
  • Clinical Social Work Consultation

For more information about accessing these services, contact Lindsay Wagner, Director of Allied Health Services at lwagner@leagueschool.com  or by phone at (508) 850-3900 ext. 308. Or contact Stephanie Steen, Director of Clinical and Behavioral Services at ssteen@leagueschool.com or by phone at (508) 850-3900 ext. 177.