A highlight of the League School’s Strategic Plan is the development of a new Career Education Center to be developed and built at the Moosehill property on the school campus. This exciting project will enhance the programs League School currently offers while allowing us to serve additional students.

The approximately 20,000-square-foot, two-story center will be based on a voke-tech model and be specifically tailored to offer vocational training and education opportunities so to prepare neurodiverse students for the working world upon their graduation.

The center will give our vocational students real world experience on campus before they step out into the community. With plans in the preliminary stages, some ideas discussed include:

• A retail café/garden store

• An expanded garden and greenhouse to support the café

• Classrooms for learning entry-level skills within the building trades: plumbing, electrical, and carpentry

• Classroom space for learning computer skills, including data entry and coding

• The Vocational Center for clerical and office skills that’s now housed in the main school building

• Outdoor space with an athletic field and basketball court


Additional updates on the Career Education Center will be posted regularly as the planning and construction takes place.