Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to some of the most commonly-asked questions about the school’s programs and procedures.

Where is the League School located?
The League School of Greater Boston is located on Route 1 North in Walpole, between Wal-Mart and the Walpole Mall. Click here for directions to the League School.
What are the diagnoses of students who attend League School?
The League School’s programs are designed specifically for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), high-functioning autism, nonverbal learning disorder, or Asperger’s syndrome. The students who attend League have a wide range of skills, including those who need basic life-skill training to those who have passed the 10th grade MCAS and will be continuing on to college courses. Therefore, the school offers a wide array of programs focusing on daily living skills, functional academics, as well as content-area academics to meet the student’s individual needs and abilities.
What is the length of the school day and school year?

The day program operates five days a week on a 12-month schedule. Click here for our current Calendar. Our school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m., and on every other Wednesday, students are dismissed at noon for Staff Professional Development. The residential program provides services 365 days a year.

How many students attend the League School?
Over 100 students currently attend the League School, but it has a capacity for 110 students. The residential program has the capacity to house 32 students on the campus of the school. The school is licensed to educate students from ages 3 to 22.
Where are the students from?

The League School provides services to students from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At times our residential program also enrolls students from across the country as well as international students.

How do the students get to school?
Students who reside at the League School walk or are driven to school each day. Day students at the League School are driven to school by their local school district or their parents. The League School is not responsible for the transportation of day students to the school.
Does the League School have a waiting list?
The League School does not currently have a waiting list, but some programs are approaching full capacity. The League School has a rolling admissions policy. Students can be accepted throughout the school year depending on appropriate openings in the programs. If a program is at capacity, the school may create need to create a waiting list for openings in that program.
How is acceptance and placement at the League School determined?
The League School strives to accept every student who is a good match for the programs and services that are offered.
The League School Admissions Team reviews each student’s record, meets with the student and their parents/guardians, and determines whether or not League School is a good match for the student’s needs. Students typically come for a day visit or a day and overnight visit, if they are interested in the Residential Program. This gives the student a chance to experience what it is like to attend League School and it gives the Admissions Team an opportunity to observe how the student fits into the League School community. It is important that the student has the ability to make progress and have their needs met in a 4:1 student to staff ratio.
Does League School have an inclusion program with typical peers?
Although many League School activities take place in the local community, the school does not have an inclusion program with typical peers at this time.