Residential Program

The League School offers a residential program for students on the Autism Spectrum in newly built residences for up to 32 students on the school's campus.

The Residential Program at League School of Greater Boston combines exceptional facilities with an engaging program of weekly activities.

Featuring New Living Spaces Opened in 2017, We Provide Students with Surroundings That Enhance Their Abilities to Learn and Function.

The Residential Program at League School of Greater Boston is both caring and comprehensive, providing a nurturing environment designed to optimize student success.  On League School of Greater Boston’s campus in Walpole, we have two separate residences. Each with a capacity of 16, with up to 8 students assigned to each floor.  Our staff to student ratio is one staff member to every two students during awake hours and one to four during asleep hours.  The Residential Department is overseen by the Residential Coordinator and each house is overseen by a house manager, with an assistant manager on each floor.

The Residential Staff work closely with the school to carry over Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for each student while continually implementing the SCERTS model to which the school ascribes.  In addition, carefully-conceived IEP goals are implemented and strict data collection protocols are followed to insure that each student’s progress is monitored as carefully as possible. Families also receive at least weekly updates regarding what their students have accomplished.

In the residences, each student has their own room, approximately 120 square feet in size, that comes with a bed, bureau, and clothes closet. On each floor, there are two student bathrooms and a kitchen area where students prepare meals for themselves or with the assistance of the residential staff. Students also learn to care for their own laundry including using the washer and dryer, folding and putting clothes away, and cleaning their rooms. There is also an exercise room and a game room for the students.

For students in our Residential Program, their evening schedule includes chores, leisure time, technology use, and social time.  There are game nights and movie nights throughout the week along with frequent field trips throughout the week. In addition, more expansive trips are taken during the students’ vacation weeks to places like the Museum of Science, Dave and Buster’s, or an indoor water park.

As part of our Residential Program, residential staff consult with specialists (Speech, OT, BCBA) to insure that there is consistent programming between the school and the residence.  Students are also encouraged to communicate regularly with their families via phone, email, Skype, or Facetime.