League School Receives Grant from Middlesex Savings Bank

            Funds Will Be Used to Purchase Assistive Technology for the School’s Students

League School of Greater Boston is pleased to announce that it recently received a $20,000 grant from Middlesex Savings Bank that will be allocated for the purchase of assistive technology for the school’s students. Specifically, the monies will be directed towards the purchase of SMART Technology Learning Boards and iPads to be used by our students.

The availability of this technology supports inclusive learning environments and offers alternative ways to process information, express ideas, and demonstrate understanding. It gives teachers the ability to present lessons visually, and provides them with welcome latitude in creating or altering activities to control students’ learning.”

In addition to increased learning and decreased social isolation, there are also physical benefits to this technology.   Impaired or delayed motor skills, like the inability to hold a pencil, is common for children with autism. Through touch screen capabilities, students are now able to draw, write, or trace; minimizing their limitations and helping them reach their fullest potential.”

While the implementation of assistive technologies into our programming is not new, availability has limited student access to these devices. Our goal is to ensure that our students have the appropriate access to the assistive technology needed to reach their fullest potential. This grant from Middlesex Savings Bank will enable us to expand the reach of technology to include even more of our students.  We cannot thank them enough for honoring us with this grant.

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