Admissions Process

The League School’s rolling admissions’ process allows us to accommodate students at any time of the year.

Here are the steps for the League School’s rolling admissions process:

Step 1 — The Tour

The League School of Greater BostonWe provide individual tours for parents and other interested parties during regular school hours. The tour reviews our approach, programs, facilities and admissions process, and addresses any questions that arise. To schedule a tour, in-state parents must have verbal or written consent from their school district. Out-of-state parents, or parents planning to pay privately, do not require formal consent to arrange a tour.

Step 2 — Initial Intake

To initiate an intake session, the candidate’s school district must submit a referral to the League School for review. If the candidate qualifies, a one-hour intake session is set up with our team of specialists to help evaluate if the prospective student’s skills will integrate well with our approach and programs. The admissions team reviews the intake and notifies the referring school of its decision as to whether the candidate will continue the admissions process.

Step 3 — Full-Day Intake

Candidates who are called back will attend a full-day intake session. A variety of specialists, including speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers, behavior therapists and medical staff, observe and work with the student in the classroom. Prior to scheduling the intake, parents must complete all application paperwork and send it to the admissions director for approval by the school nurse.

Student drop-off is at 8:45 AM at the main entrance; pick-up is at 2:30 PM.

Parents should provide a lunch. Please note: Occasionally a prospective student may be asked back for a second full-day intake.

Step 4 — The Decision

After the full-day intake, the admissions team reconvenes to make a final decision.
Notification is sent to the referring school or, in the case of privately funded students, directly to the parents.

Step 5 — Start Date

Before a start date can be determined, the following forms must be completed:

  • A revised Individualized Education Program (IEP), signed by all responsible parties; the League School of Greater Boston must agree that we can provide the services in the IEP
  • A placement agreement between the sending school district and the League School of Greater Boston
  • All medical paperwork.

Once all paperwork is approved, the League School notifies the school district to arrange transportation.